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At New Gen Sports Group, every order is important to us. That's why we've streamlined our production to an on-demand setup, ensuring that all orders are processed and shipped express, without the need for additional expedited options.


This approach allows us to maintain efficiency and deliver your products as quickly as possible. If you're eager to know the progress of your order, we encourage you to visit the "Order Status" tab above. There, you can easily access your expected delivery date and request further information.



Choosing the right size for your apparel is essential for a comfortable fit and enjoyable experience. While we don't provide specific sizing advice, we offer valuable insights to assist you in making informed decisions:

  • Adult Soccer Player: Typically, individuals standing at 5'9" and weighing 170 lbs find a comfortable fit in size "Adult Medium".

  • Youth Soccer Player: For younger players measuring 4'7" and weighing 78 lbs, a size "Youth Medium" is commonly suitable.


Our collection maintains consistent sizing across various items. For example, if a Youth Medium jersey fits well, you can expect the same fit for a youth medium jacket, 1/4 zip, and other related products.

To ensure the best fit, we strongly recommend comparing measurements of an item you currently wear with our size charts and measuring instructions. This method helps in selecting the most appropriate size for your needs.

It's important to note that due to the customized nature of our products, we do not offer returns based solely on sizing issues. Therefore, we urge you to exercise caution when placing your order.

By carefully considering your measurements and referencing our sizing resources, you can help minimize the risk of ordering an incorrect size.



Before placing your order, it's crucial to ensure that you have taken accurate measurements for yourself and your children. To help you select the correct sizes, please visit our comprehensive size charts and measurement instruction section. This resource will guide you to the exact product sizing information you need.




Please Note: We strongly encourage you to measure carefully, as all sales are final and we cannot accept returns based on sizing issues.

By taking a few moments to review the sizing instructions and ensure proper measurements, you can greatly enhance your shopping experience and satisfaction with your purchase.



Please note that number assignment is handled by club representatives, typically coaches or team managers. Players should reach out to their respective coaches/managers to obtain their assigned numbers.

It's essential to highlight that New Gen Sports does not manage or double-check the assigned numbers. Therefore, we kindly request parents/players to communicate with their coaches to confirm their assigned numbers before placing their orders.

New Gen Sports does not accept returns based solely on orders placed with the wrong number. Therefore, it's crucial to verify the assigned number with your coach before placing your order to ensure accuracy.

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